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Large capacity Pet Food Machine for Dog food/Cat food/Dog biscuits/Pet snacks

Model No.: DS DZseries
Product Name: Large capacity Pet Food Machine for Dog food/Cat food/Dog biscuits/Pet snacks
Product Origin: china
Standard: export standard
Brand Name: saixin machine
PriceTerms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets/m
Detailed Product Description:

Large capacity pet food Machine for Dog food/Cat food/Dog biscuits/Pet snacks

1.Pet food machine
2.Dog food extrusion machine
3.Pet food extruder
4.Pet food making machine

Feature: Pet food machine

1, Raw materials: Corn powder, soya powder, wheat flour, fish meal, bone meal etc.

2, Capacity: 3 capacities, 150kg/h, 250kg/h and 500kg/h

Pet Food Processing Line

Main Introduction:

Pet food, fish feed, dog food, cat food making machine
Operating easily all-automatic, Self cleaning to save manwork and time, Sanitary food grade, Durable with a long life time.
You can make any shape of the pet'feed according to different market requirements. These line has been on good sales all over the world. Perfecte quality and excellent after-sales service bring us good comments and confidence.

Pet Food Equipments List and Flowchart:

Mixer→ Screw conveyor→Twin-screw extruder→ Air conveyor→ Three layer dryer→Hoister→ Oil sprayer→ Flavoring→ Roller→ Cooling conveyor


  1. The Twin-screw extruder is made of the feeding system, extruding system, cutting system, heating system, transmission system and controlling system.
  2. We will feed the material from the feeding machine and get the tissue state by inflating the material and the machine barrel must be high temperature, high pressure and high cutting. The material can be sterilized by the high temperature and high pressure and make the product safe.
  3. The pet food machine is reasonable design, high capacity and high automatation.
  4. The pet food consist of corn powder, soya powder, meat powder, bone powder etc. materials, raw materials are low cost but end pet food product is with high profit.
  5. The screws are made of 38 CrMoAl, which is a speicial kind of ally steel and special design according to product’s requirement, using life is long, has combined model can freely assemble to get different status product.
  6. Self-cleaning, when stopping, it can be cleaned without disassembling.

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