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soy protein nuggets machinery

Model No.: DZ series
Product Name: soy protein nuggets machinery
Product Origin: China
Standard: international
Brand Name: saixin
PriceTerms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100 sets/m
Detailed Product Description:

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TVP is usually made from high (50%) soy protein soy flour or concentrate by high temperature Soya chunks making machine
Soya nugget machine
Soya protein food processing line
Insolated soya protein machine
Defatted Soya Protein Processing Line

This processing line uses low tempreture soybean meal, peanut powder and isolates protein as main raw material to produce high protein, low fat food additives. It has advantages of high nutritional value, without cholesterol or animal fat, at the same time it has the status of meat and taste and the features such as oil-absorbing, odor absorption, water absorption.

Currently it is widely used in the meat industry, Frozen Food industry etc. It has the characteristic of simple device, high automatic level. The performance fully reach the advanced country's.

saixin machinery produce This line contains the following machine:


high pressure extrusion. It is extruded into various shapes (chunks, flakes, nuggets, grains, and

strips). Taste similar to meat,it becomes an ideal meat product additives in high-protein,low-fat

and nocholesterol.Our Textured vegetable/soy protein (TVP/TSP food) processing line are widely

demanded across the food processing industries. Owing to the overwhelming response from our clients

for our this product range, we have been able to supply these products to a wide clientele spread across

the world.


- Fibration - sheets or longitudinal

- Surface appearance - smooth, rough, shiny, matte, even or marbled

- Colour - light (chicken or tuna) or dark (beef)

- Texture - consistent, firm, soft or elastic

- Flavour - many delicious combinations are available, including ethnic varieties

- Product size- nuggets, patties, portions, slices, cubes, flakes, crumbs and more
- Optimum hygiene

Screw conveyor


Twin Screw Extruder

Air conveyor


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