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artificial rice making machine

Model No.: DZ series
Product Name: artificial rice making machine
Product Origin: China
Standard: CE
Brand Name: saixin machine
PriceTerms: T/T
Supply Ability: 20
Detailed Product Description:
artificial rice making machine   

   The artificial Rice machinery use rice powder as raw material,
 Vitamin and mineral can also be added if you require. 
   After through kneading, heating and extruding, man-made nutrition rice is born. 
Then dry them to moisture rate as your requirement. 
   Comparing with real rice, the artificial rice contains more micro element
 and needs less time to be cooked.
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   Rice machine takes rice powder as main ingredient, a
   nd some other vitamin and mineral as part of ingredient is available as well if you like. 
   The material is extruded into rice shape by the twin-screw extruder, 
and dried in a rotary dryer  to needed moisture content. 
   The extruding technique makes it possible to strengthen 
and solidify the micronutrient in the rice.   
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