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3d pellet snack machine

Model No.: SX3000
Product Name: 3d pellet snack machine
Product Origin: china
Standard: International
Brand Name: saixin machinery
PriceTerms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100 sets/m
Detailed Product Description:

3D Pellet Snack Machine,

3d pellet machine,3d pellet machinery

This process lline is designed for making the pellets, chips, fried snacks by single screw extruder machine. Raw material can be potato starch, potato flakes, corm starch, whear flour, cassava starch tc. Through the extruder cooking, the snacks can be shaped in 3d pellet, shapes like ball, polygon, pat, Christmas tree, heart, bugle etc. Also, we can produce shell,screw,spiral, and by changing the shaping machine, square tube,circle tube, wave chips,potato chips,shrimp chips etc can be made. After drying and frying, flavoring with the seasoning powder, we can get delicious snack food.

Pellet food machine
Extruded snacks machine
Extruded Potato Chips machine
Fried chips snacks machine
Pellet/chips/ extruded
Pellet food machine Extruded snacks machine Extruded potato chips machine Fried chips snacks machine Pellet/chips/ extruded frying food machine Snacks/ food machine: single-screw Extruder, Pellet / Chips /Extruded Frying Food Processing Line This 3D pellet snack processing line is for pellet and chips producing by single-screw extruder. The raw material can be potato starch, corn starch, cassava starch, Tapioca starch,wheat flour, etc. Through extruding cooking, the pellet can be different shapes like shell, spiral, square tube, circle tube, and so on. After drying the pellet need frying to get expanded. The machine adopts the advanced technology. The material can be used rice, corn, wheat, bean and so on. Mixed with different assistant material, it can produce various snack food.

1.Screw made of durable hard alloy-38CrMoAl, with quite long using life.
2. Feeding Hopper uses Two grades mixing design, high feed speed avoiding any block in raw materials.
3. Radiating Windows design ensure the thermal heat caused by machine discharge easily to extend the machine using life.
4. SIEMENS(China) motors are used, ensure the excellent performance of machines.
5. Cooper Pipes used for cooling cylinder,quite durable than plastic rubber pipes.
6. Food Grade stainless steel made Cutter cover, meeting strict food process safety requirements.

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