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automatic fryer

Model No.: YZ series
Product Name: automatic fryer
Product Origin: China
Standard: CE
Brand Name: saixin machinery
PriceTerms: L/C T/T
Supply Ability: 15 SETS/M
Detailed Product Description:

The Stainless Steel Donut Churro Automatic Potato Chip Fryer Machine consists of frying system, automatic elevating system, automatic de-oil system, automatic conveying, cooling system and can fry, mix, de-oil and convey automatically. Fryer can use electricity, gas, diesel as power source and can be widely used to fry the snacks, pellets, potato chips, sticks, beans, nuts, peanuts etc.

1. Unique Designed Mixing Wings ensure the even and complete frying effect.
2. Centrifuge De-oiling Drum's powerful oil-removing function keeps the final products crispy, non-oily and fresh taste.
3. Separate Controller Box allows to adjust the frying and de-oiling time and frying temperature as required.
4. Various Heating Methods Optional, Electricity, Natural Gas, LPG, Steam.
5. Oil Collector at the bottom of De-oiling Machine helps to save the oil for recycling use.
6. Stainess Steel Cooling Belt is quite easier to clean and also the cooling fan on the top will help the fried products cool down in short time.

III. Technical Parameters





Size(L×W× H)












4.8-10 m³/h(gas)


They can process various materials, frequency
speed-controlling high automation, and stable performance.

main features
automatic fryer / batch fryer consists of net belt conveying system, automatic elevating system, automatic filtrating system, oil temperature controlling system, oil adding system and heating system. it can take gas , diesel and electricity as power can be controled by the plc and actualize industrialization automatically production .this equipment is capable with frying snack food, flour made food, meat etc.

saixinmachinery professional fryer manufacturer,automatic frying machine supplier.

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