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Lab twin screw Extruder

Model No.: SPseries
Product Name: Lab twin screw Extruder
Product Origin: China
Standard: CE
Brand Name: saixin machinery
PriceTerms: T/T,L/C
Supply Ability: 10 SETS/M
Detailed Product Description:

Lab twin screw Extruder

lab twin screw extruder lab double screw extruder 1、 Application:research, teaching experiment
2、 Raw materials:rice, corn, wheat, oats, buckwheat, defatted soy flour, starch, vegetables, dates, sea buckthorn mixed powder and other raw materials. Raw material moisture content of 5% --- 30%.
3、 Product:snack food, the filling puffed food, nutritional powder, soy protein products and pet food.
4、 Technology:man-machine interface plus control, frequency control, automatic temperature control (heating, circulating water cooling), automatic pressure measurement, automatic feedback loop control; can be processed according to different varieties of materials and a variety of control settings mode.
5、 Specification:

1 Screw Diameter 32mm/30MM 7 Main motor(DC) 5.5kw
2 Center Distance 26mm 8 Cooling way circulating water
3 long/Diameter(L/D) 19/21/23 9 Screw turn Same Directions
4 Capacity 10-30kg/h 10 Weight 600 kg
5 Screw Speed 40—350R/M 11 Size(mm) L2200×W630×H1600
6 Install powder 10kw 12 Product shapes As per the die

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