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Textured soybean protein processing line

Model No.: SX series
Product Name: Textured soybean protein processing line
Product Origin: China
Standard: international
Brand Name: saixin
PriceTerms: t/t
Supply Ability: 15 SETS/M
Detailed Product Description:

Textured soybean protein processing line

Texture soy protein production machine: automation, advanced technology, steady performance, large output

Texture soy protein production machine:

Texture soy protein production machine is the newest botanical protein food process line which is developed independently according to our national conditions on the requirement of market and on the base of advanced machinery in Switzerland and America. This processing line uses soybean powder and peanut powder to break spherical protein molecule to form chain protein molecule thus creating slice-like fiber structure , by powder-grinding, stirring, high-temperature, high-pressure and high-cutting .The product is nutritious without cholesterol or animal fat ,but it looks like and tastes like meat with the quality of absorbing soil ,water ,and flavor .This processing line can be widely applied in meat-product industry ,fast-food industry and instant-cool food industry .This processing line can also produce a wide variety of botanic meat .

Flow Chart :
Flour Mixing →screw conveying→extruding and inflating →cutting →shapping →drying →packing.

Allocation of equipment

Crushing machine:

Mixer →screw-conveyer →extruder→cooling hoister
→roasting oven.

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