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Pregel Starch Machinery

Model No.: DZ
Product Name: Pregel Starch Machinery
Product Origin: China
Standard: ISO9001
Brand Name: saixin
PriceTerms: T/T
Supply Ability: 150
Detailed Product Description:

Pregel Starch Extruder for Drill, Adhesives, Paper, Textile Sizingand

Pregelatinized Starch Machinery for Oil Well Drilling

pregelatinized starch is extensively used as an additive to prevent the seepage of soil filtrates into the wells by increasing the viscosity of the drilling mud and reducing the fluid loss by sealing the walls of the borehole. visco pregelatinized starch helps drills reach further and run freely, control fluid loss, provide temperature stability and maximize solids removal and hydraulic efficiency

applications / advantages:

1) pregelatinized starch is extensively used in oil well drilling to reduce the fluid loss.

2) effective in a wide range of make-up water, including high hardness and high salinity brines.

3) it is used to stabilize rheology and to reduce the filter cake permeability.

4) it helps to keep drill bit cool and lubricate, remove the rock fragments or drill cuttings from the drilling area and transport them to the surface.

5) it provides well bore stability through filtration control.

starch source: corn starch, Tapioca or potato,or maize starch

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