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Jinan saixin Maintenance

1. double-screw extruder
* Check all the flanges and fix bolts of distribution box, gear box, and thrusting box, and tighten the loose one.
* Change the lubricate oil of speed reducer every half a year. The oil surface is between the level lines of oil scale. The models of lubrication oil are HJ-30 and HJ-32 engine oil.
* Clean the distribution box and change the lubrication oil after the first two months, and then do his every half a year.
* Lubrication oil is HJ-32 engine oil. After changing the oil, start the machine to hear if there is abnormal noise in the box.
* Check the elasticity of driving triangle belt every month.
* Check the rotary cutters regularly and change the worn one in order to keep the shaping quality of products.
* Check all the electric equipment connections each week to be sure no loose one and no dust on them. Check every half a year the insulation resistance (less than 0.5Ω) and the ground resistance (less than 4Ω).
* After running 20 days, check the state of thrusting bearing in the distribution box. If the clearance is worn to large, change it in time.
* After running half a year, check the screw and screw housing. If worn, change the front two parts of screw sleeves.
* If idle a long time, oil the mould head, screw, and other parts.

2. single-screw extruder

*Change the lubrication oil of the gearbox every half a year, 30# engine oil in winter, and 40# engine oil in summer.
* Check each month the motor belt. If loose, adjust it; if worn, change it.
*Inspect frequently the state of heating ampere meter. If the current changes, check the heating circle in time and change the broken one.
* Inspect frequently the cooling pipe to be sure no seepage.
* Check every 15 days the electric lines making sure no loose one and without dust on them.
* Check regularly all the connect components and tighten the loose one.

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